From the first wine-tasting experience to the affirmation of the most expert palate’s tastes

About wine tasting,

Around the aromas and flavors, TKG enables you to give meaning, to use the appropriate vocabulary, and to marry wines with food while discovering various varieties of grapes..

Sommelière conseil,

TKG makes you discover through various workshops of the wine, vineyards and grapes of our regions or other countries. With a special crush on the vineyards of Provence.



The workshop wine

Guide you to enjoy different grapes varieties and terroirs. You will then be able to distinguish them and compare them. You will understand the factors that define the qualities of a wine: the climate, the soil, work of the winemaker, work of the oenologist. Workshops are conducted in a friendly and relaxed exchange.

what we like

Meeting and authentic exchanges, passsionated winemaker, adapt to the needs of each.