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Discovering the tastes and aromas of wines Proposed courses and workshop examples

TKG also enables you to liven up your seminars, groups, team cohesiveness sessions and also offers, for the youngest ones, organoleptic workshops.



The 3 keys to wine Tastes and aromas


Comprehensive course

5 wines


Durée 3h00

Oeno-ludique workshop

1-Quiz of the aromas with 5 families of basic aromas. (Approximately 20 minutes).

Games : " who has the best nose? " Who will give the largest number of good answer?

2-Reminder or discovery of the bases of the tasting: 3 keys! The visual step, the olfactive step and gustatori step. Presentation of the vocabulary to be employed to qualify them. Tasting of 2 wines with comments and ideas of how to match food and wine. (Approximately 30 minutes)

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Descriptif atelier oeno-ludique Groupe 1
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Discovery : the steps of wine-tasting - visual, olfactory, gustatory. The prerequisites to wine-tasting.


3 wines

Durée 1h30

Option 3

Organoleptic workshop, discovery of tastes and aromas. Games centered on aromas, fruit tastes and colors.

Durée 1h30

option 4

Group discovery (5-20 people) or

 special theme workshops


- appellations


- grape varieties


- colors



- Custom workshop



Duration on request

Prices :


Option 1 from 25€ up to 45€

Option 2 start at 16€/ pers (group rate)


Free quotes upon request.

Prices may vary with the facilities and travel requirements.

Workshops are available in English and German.